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How to Avoid Motorbike Breakdowns: 4 Tips to Follow

No one wants their motorbike to break down, but it can happen to even the most experienced riders. You can do a few things to solve problems like this and minimise the need for more expensive motorcycle repairs.

Continue reading for a few tips to get you started.

1. Check the T-CLOCKs

The T-CLOCKs are the most important thing to check before you ride your motorcycle. These are the Tire, Chain, Lights, Oil, Coolant and Kickstand.

  • T - Tires - Tire pressure is critical for both safety and performance. Too low and the tire can overheat and fail; too high, and the bike will be harder to control. Check your owner's manual for the recommended pressure for your bike.

  • C - Chain - The chain is what transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It needs to be correctly tensioned and lubricated to avoid problems. A loose chain can cause the bike to lose control or even stall, while a tight chain can damage the engine.

  • L - Lights - Lights are important for safety and seeing where you're going. Check that all the lights are working properly before you ride.

  • O - Oil - Oil keeps the engine cool and lubricated. It needs to be at the correct level. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the engine. Check the oil level before you ride and top it up if necessary.

  • C - Coolant - Coolant keeps the engine from overheating. Make sure the level is correct and that there are no leaks.

  • K - Kickstand - The kickstand is what holds the bike upright when you're not riding it. Make sure it's down before you start the engine. Otherwise, the bike can fall over.

2. Ensure the Battery Is Charged

The battery is one of the most important things to check before riding your motorcycle. A dead or dying battery can leave you stranded, so it's always good to ensure it's properly charged before heading out.

In checking your battery, you should check the voltage with a voltmeter. A fully charged battery should have a voltage of 12.6 volts or higher. You should also go through the specific gravity of the battery acid. This can be done with a hydrometer.

3. Inspect Your Bike Brakes

When it comes to your motorcycle, one of the most important things to check before each ride is your brakes. Your brakes are what keep you safe on the road, so it's important to make sure they're in good working order before heading out.

There are a few things you should check when inspecting your brakes. First, check the brake pads to ensure they're not worn down too much. You should also check the brake fluid level and condition and the brake lines and hoses for any leaks or damage. Finally, ensure the brake levers and pedals are in good working order.

4. Clean the Bike Pads and Discs

When cleaning your brake pads and discs, it's essential to use the right products. Never use brake cleaner on your pads or discs, as this can damage them. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution or a dedicated brake pad cleaning solution.

Once you've cleaned your pads and discs, be sure to dry them completely before reinstalling them. If you don't, the moisture can cause your pads and discs to rust and deteriorate prematurely.

Final Thoughts

Motorbike breakdowns can be a pain, but there are ways to avoid them. Following the tips above can help keep your motorbike in good working condition and avoid breakdowns. With a little care and maintenance, you can keep your motorbike running smoothly for years to come.

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