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Getting Ceramic Coating Your Motorcycle’s Turbo and Exhaust

There are many options available for modification, some of which are purely cosmetic while others can have a real impact on performance. When it comes to upgrading your bike's parts, it's crucial to get the best quality and to protect those investments.

Custom headlights may not experience much wear and tear, but exhaust headers can be damaged significantly over time from the thermal stress they endure. If the headers aren't enhanced and protected, other parts of the motorcycle will also be affected, and the full potential gains will not be realized.

Investing in quality parts and protecting them is important because your motorcycle is an extension of yourself. It's an investment that you value, so it makes sense to spend a little extra to get the best. Ceramic coated headers provide many benefits, and you can check them out below:

1. Helps Make Parts More Efficient

A ceramic coating on a header is a great way to enhance the thermal efficiency of the part. This is especially important for lower-end headers, which heat up quickly. With the right coating, heat and exhaust will keep blasting through the tailpipe and decrease back pressure, which can give the engine the power it needs.

2. Helps Parts Tolerate Heat

Heat is a major enemy of durability, and ceramic coating can help absorb the heat and disperse it, making the parts less likely to warp over time. It can also help limit the need to cool down the bay and save fuel.

Airflow is an important factor in the quality of the coating. If the airflow is not carefully designed, the thermal efficiency is lower and can cause cracks and damage.

3. Keeps Other Parts Safe

The oxidation and thermal stress that the headers experience can damage other parts of the motorcycle. Ceramic coating can help prevent these issues from developing.

Exhaust pipes which are not coated can become hot spots and cause the surrounding parts to warp and degrade. Ceramic coating will act as an insulating layer, keeping the exhaust headers and other parts cool.

4. Prevents Corrosion

Ceramic coating helps keep steel from oxidizing. This is excellent news for those who live near the ocean or have to deal with salt on the roads. Without this coating, de-rusting the headers is a hassle that most people don't want to deal with. With ceramic coating, the salt will glide right off, so you can make sure your motorcycle is protected. This can help the bike look newer and better for longer.

5. Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Many people don't realize it, but the exhaust headers have an effect on the appearance of a motorcycle. A great-looking bike will have a beautiful toned look, and the exhaust system is a big part of that. This is why a ceramic-coated exhaust system can really improve the look of your bike.


Choosing your headers is an important decision because they will have an effect on the performance and aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle. While stock headers may have the right amount of power and torque, they may not have the thermal efficiency to give you the most out of your bike.

We provide customization services for motorbikes in York. Take yours to us, and we’ll take care of ceramic coating your motorcycle’s precious parts. Set an appointment today!

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