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The DOs and DON’Ts of Motorbike Maintenance to Learn Today

Every seasoned rider understands the essentials of motorcycle maintenance. Unfortunately, many riders make basic maintenance blunders. With the right guidance, you can practice regular maintenance that could save you money, keep your motorcycle running smoothly, and allow you to ride for a long time.

Read on to discover the top DOs and DON’Ts of motorcycle maintenance.

DON’T Wash Your Motorcycle When the Engine or Pipes Are Hot

As important as cleaning your bike is, hot metal and cold water do not mix. When cleaning expanding metal, avoid sudden temperature swings. Metal and finish may be jeopardized.

While the engine is running, washing it may cause the block or pipes to shatter. It is easy to prevent. After a ride, your engine and pipes will quickly cool. Before rinsing your bicycle with cold water, wait at least ten minutes.

DON’T Pressure-Wash Your Chains

Washing a motorcycle necessitates the use of a hose, a clean towel, and brushes. You should not and should not be using a power washer.

This is especially important while cleaning your chain. The high-pressure stream may damage your chain by squeezing water, mud, and debris between the rubber rings. This is harmful to your chain's health and quality.

Instead of a pressure washer, clean your chain using a hose and a cloth.

DON’T Use Various Mechanisms

As you gain skills, you will most likely conduct your own maintenance and repairs. However, you will need to take your motorcycle to a professional for major repairs, part replacement, and motorcycle repair services.

Choose a trustworthy specialist to help you repair your bicycle. As a result, the mechanic will not have access to your bicycle's service history or records.

Change the mechanics only if the current one is inadequate or if you believe a better one is required. Stick with a professional if you have faith in them.

DON’T Be Overconfident

A common mistake in motorcycle maintenance is overconfidence in one's own mechanical and repairability. Yes, replacing spark plugs is a simple chore, but anything more complicated necessitates the assistance of a qualified technician.

A poorly executed do-it-yourself project might seriously damage your bike and cost you a lot of money. Although saving money by watching YouTube tutorials may sound appealing, you will be sorry if you do not take your bike to a skilled repair.

It is preferable to endure stupidity than to endanger your bike. Instead of the overconfident do-it-yourselfer. American Legend Rider features all of the necessary gear.

DON’T Use Low-cost Components

The labour cost is established when you bring your motorcycle in for service. If they're changing parts, you can choose which ones to use, and it's always tempting to go with the cheapest choice.

Because not all motorcycle parts are equal, it is prudent to invest in renowned manufacturers. It will be more durable and will have no effect on other parts of your motorcycle.

DO Conduct Regular Tire Inspections

Examining your tires for wear and ensuring they are properly inflated is part of routine motorcycle maintenance. Tires with insufficient air pressure or that are worn will impair handling.

Low tire pressure not only accelerates tire wear but also reduces tire life.

Check your motorcycle's tire pressure and use a reliable gauge to measure it. Tires with tread depths of less than one millimetre should be replaced.

DO Change Oil on a Regular Basis

One of the fundamental fundamentals in motorcycle maintenance is to change the oil on a regular basis. This is an important part of preventing motorcycle damage, and it is so simple that anyone can do it.

Changing the oil removes trash, reduces corrosion, and protects the engine from harmful byproducts.

The time between oil changes varies depending on the type of oil used. It is also determined by how frequently you ride. As a result, keep all of this in mind and maintain your bike's health with periodic oil changes.


With these tips in mind, you can avoid typical motorcycle blunders while also keeping your vehicle in outstanding condition. Simply be disciplined but not overconfident, especially when you are not at a high skill level just yet. If in doubt, seek the advice of a reputable mechanic.

Are you looking for a motorcycle service in the UK? York Motorbikes is here to offer you quality above all. Give us a call today to learn more!

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