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How to Sell Your Motorcycle and Earn Decent Profit

Selling motorbikes doesn't have to be difficult, but we can help make it easy by getting the word out to all the right people. But, you can help yourself by reading our top tips guide to give you the best chance of nailing that sale!

Consider Accessories during the Sale

It’s your choice to sell the motorcycle in standard trim for less money or with the inclusions, but at a higher price. These parts should add up to a reasonable price, and you could also sell them one at a time to get a quicker sale. This ultimately depends on buyers’ preferences.

Give Your Bike a Wash

If you're trying to sell motorbikes, here's a little secret: A lot of people are turned off by a dirty, unloved-looking bike. The fact that you love your bike doesn't apply to most people; they don't care how much you love it, so why should they buy it?

Give your bike a good cleaning and polish, and it will look new. Then, you'll find out if any hidden damage needs fixing.

Give Your Bike a Once-Over

Look at your bike as a buyer would. It might not bother you that the fender is cracked and repaired with duct tape, but that isn’t what a buyer wants to see! Just replace it.

Don’t forget to give the chain a thorough scrubbing, then lube it and adjust it to perfection. Ensure all controls are silky smooth. Then finish with a layer of your favourite shiny spray!

Get the Bike Repaired

Make sure that the advertisement clarifies that your bike has a few faults. If you find it does not take much to put right, do it and make sure it is done right. You want the best price when you sell your motorbikes.

Post Good Photos

Take the time to prepare and take well-composed, well-lit, precise images of your motorbikes in front of a simple background that doesn’t reveal your address or location. Take photos from multiple angles, too, so that customers get a fuller perspective.

Price Realistically

We understand that you spent such a long time washing and polishing your mechanical steed; you want to sell for a higher price and ensure it goes to the right buyer. However, you aren’t a dealer, so you can’t offer any warranties. Asking for a steep price isn’t always a good idea.

Instead, base your price on the market price, and don’t be surprised if you have to haggle a little bit. In the end, every bike is worth precisely what someone is willing to pay for it.

Square Away the Paperwork

Trials or enduro motorbikes need updated paperwork, including a current MOT if necessary. You should also ensure you have all of the documents for the bike and are prepared to hand it out before the sale is closed, just in case the buyer wants to take their new bike for a spin to make sure it’s in good working order. If you can’t find the paperwork during the sale, let your customer know so they can weigh it against their other options.

Sell Honestly

When advertising your motorbikes for sale, make sure you list the manufacturer, model, capacity, and year. Highlight the bikes’ place in the market through its new chain and sprockets, new tires, suspension upgrades, oil and filter changes.

In Conclusion

Motorbikes, like cars, depreciate as soon as you ride them off the showroom floor. Although motorbikes are relatively inexpensive, you can still sell them reasonably if you follow the above tips. Be honest and fair so you can collect much-needed pounds for your next investment or expense.

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