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The Beginner’s Guide to Riding Your Motorbike in the Rain

For many people, owning a motorbike is a more practical choice for various reasons, such as not being able to own a car yet or lack of parking space at home. Regardless, a motorbike is just like any other vehicle that can get you from one place to another without the burden of public transport. However, there are times when riding a motorbike can become an inconvenience, such as when raining.

Riding your motorbike while raining can be a daunting task. Numerous potential hazards may await you on the road, and you will also have to face the threat of your motorbike’s electrical components becoming faulty. Furthermore, other vehicles are more likely to skid off the road when there is heavy rainfall, potentially affecting you.

For this reason, one must be aware of how to ride a motorbike properly when it's raining. We'll guide you in this article, so read below to get started.

The First 15 Minutes

As soon as you take out your motorbike in the rain, the first 15 minutes are considered the worst because you will have to pass through pools of water on the road. If you do not exercise caution, you can skid or hydroplane since the water on the road will create extra drag on your motorbike.

Therefore, you will have to go extra slow for the first 15 minutes of riding in the rain, especially when you pass through large puddles. The best way to avoid puddles is to only ride through them when you’re confident that your motorbike is not going to skid on the water.

Leveraging Technology

Many motorbikes are equipped with technology specifically designed to combat the rain. One perfect example is motorbikes with anti-lock braking systems. The ABS prevents your wheels from locking up when braking, thus eliminating the risk of skidding, even when you're riding in heavy rain.

Another advanced technology that works excellent in the rain is the traction control system. Whenever your motorcycle is slipping on the road, the traction control system will take over and correct the skidding, saving you from potential accidents.

Using the Right Gear

Your motorbike may be well-protected from the rain, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Of course, this means that you must wear rain-appropriate clothing when you're riding your motorbike.

First and foremost, a raincoat is a must. You should get one that's waterproof and big, but not too big that it affects your movement while on the road.

Gloves and boots are also necessary. The gloves should at least be leather and thick enough to protect your hands from getting wet, while your boots should be waterproof and rugged. To keep your feet warm, boots with innersoles and waterproof socks are ideal.

The Helmet

Not all helmets are created equal, so get the right one. Some helmets are designed to resist rain while others aren't, so be sure to buy a helmet that can endure the rain, especially if you plan to ride your motorbike during the winter season.

Another thing to take note of when buying a helmet is the visor. Some helmets come with plastic visors that can easily fog up while on the road, potentially affecting your vision. For your safety, get a helmet with a vent visor.

Your Motorbike's Tyres

Your motorbike's tyres do most of the work when you're riding through the rain. The tyres' tread makes all the difference because it allows the water to disperse and prevents your motorbike from hydroplaning on the wet surface.

As for the types of tyres that you should get, wet tyres and all-weather rubbers work best because they have excellent traction in the rain. Furthermore, you should also make sure that your tyres are properly inflated to ensure that your motorbike is stable on the road.


Riding a motorbike in the rain is never easy, but following all the tips mentioned above can be much easier and effortless. Remember to exercise extra caution because the rain can make you feel that you can travel faster than you should, but without hesitation.

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