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Motorbike Maintenance Tips To Follow - Our Guide

Motorcycle maintenance is vital to keeping your bike in good condition, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Having a bike that's in good condition is safer for you.

Always follow the general maintenance advice in your bike manual and some advice for inspections:

Check the tires

Check tire pressure, tread depth, and for signs of dry rot. If your tires are old, it's time to replace them. Also check for damage, such as cuts or chunks missing from the tread.

Check the chain

Check for free play at the chain slack. Excessive play can damage your chain and drivetrain. If your chain is loose, tighten it and check for wear and tear.

Check the brakes

Check the pads and the rotor for wear and tear. If you notice that your brakes are getting weak, turn off your engine and pull over to inspect them.

Check the lights

Check your brake light for visibility and if the light is getting dim. Check to see if your headlight is working as well as the turn signals. Any out-of-whack bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible.

Check the chain guard

Check if the chain guard is in good condition. Also, check the chain guard for security. If your chain guard is loose, get it tightened or get a new one.

Check the engine

Check the oil level and the oil for signs of wear. Safe engine oil levels are between the minimum and maximum level. If your oil is dirty, turn off the engine and get new oil. If there are signs of wear, make an appointment with your mechanic for an oil change.

Check the clutch

Your clutch acts like a clutch in a car. It connects your bike's engine to the bike's transmission. Check your clutch for signs of wear. If your bike is an older bike, it may be time to replace the clutch. If your bike is a newer bike, the clutch shouldn't need to be replaced for a while.

Check the frame

Check for any cracks in the frame. These cracks can be potentially dangerous. If there is any sign of corrosion on the frame, it's time to check with your mechanic for spot weld repairs. Also check your bike for any damage. If you hit something, the bike probably needs to be repaired.

Check the wheel alignment

The wheel alignment can be affected by any number of things. Check the wheel alignment often to ensure that your wheels are still aligned. If the wheels are misaligned, it could cause your bike to be more dangerous to ride.

Check for damage

Check for any cracks or dents in the bike. A crack could be dangerous. A dent can lead to rust, which can also be dangerous. If you notice any damage to your bike, bring it to the attention of your mechanic right away.

Get your bike inspected

If you aren't sure how to check for anything mentioned above, bring your bike to your mechanic for an inspection. They will look for any problems and let you know if they find any. Your mechanic will also let you know if any of the problems they find are dangerous to ride.

Don't open that big hard to reach check valve on the back of the cylinder head. That is where all the oil goes to cool the engine after it goes through the engine. If this is not done properly, you lose all the oil in your engine. If your engine happens to be air cooled like most all off road motors, you will most likely warp the head. The fins on the head act like heat sinks. If you remove them, your heat sinks are gone. The only thing the fins do is draw air through the fins to cool the head. If you remove them, your cooling system goes away.

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