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Punctuality in Motorbike Service Reaps These Rewards

Motorbike service may seem difficult, but it is not as complicated as it seems. You can eventually become skilled at more complex tasks by starting with the basics and gradually learning more. Additionally, if you own an older model bike, you may be able to modify it.

Ultimately, it is up to you how much you want to do to maintain your motorcycle, but the most important things to keep in mind are checking your oil, tire pressure, tire tread, and maintaining your chain. If you want to save money on motorcycle maintenance, you can do some simple jobs yourself. All you need are the manual and YouTube. However, if you promptly take your mechanical steed to a motorbike service, you’ll reap these rewards:

Reward #1: Better Resale Value

If a bike has complete service records, the owner will have an advantage when selling the bike. Buyers are willing to shell out more quid for the bike because of its near-mint condition, which you’ll only get from regular motorbike service.

Reward #2: Fewer Mechanical Breakdowns

Regular motorbike service reduces the chances of sudden breakdowns and part failures. This gives the user peace of mind and increases the bike's reliability.

Reward #3: Updated Maintenance Information

The service centre staff often points out the upcoming repairs that may be needed on the bike, like a sprocket replacement, coolant top-up or clutch overhaul. This gives the owner an idea of the expenses that may be incurred shortly.

Reward #4: Maximised Warranty

If you want to make a warranty claim, the manufacturer may require that you show proof that you've performed all required maintenance and services at specified intervals. It's usually best to choose the longest warranty coverage available and keep up with all required maintenance and services.

Reward #5: Better Condition

This reward can also be connected to the first. Keeping your bike clean and well-maintained will help extend the life of its parts. Regularly cleaning and lubricating the chain and changing the engine oil at set intervals can help reduce wear and tear on engine components. Thus, you can command a slightly higher resale price when your ride is well-maintained through motorbike service.

Reward #6: Better Fuel Mileage

The preventative maintenance of motorbike service helps improve fuel efficiency by keeping the engine and other mechanical parts in good condition. This includes regular oil changes, filter cleaning, and correct tire pressure.

Additionally, a bike that is serviced regularly will be more efficient. All the parts will work in tandem, and there will be less resistance, leading to easy pedalling and lesser energy expenditure. This is especially true since the engine has to work overtime to propel the motorcycle if a vital component is compromised.

Reward #7: A Smoother Ride

This means that the bike is well-maintained and operates smoothly, giving the rider a sense of security and confidence while riding. This includes cleaning and lubricating the chain, adjusting the brakes, and ensuring all the nuts and bolts are tight. Taking care of your ride through a motorbike service will help it last longer and perform better.

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