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Negotiating Used Motorcycle Prices -- Five Clever Tips to Try

It feels bad when you bought a shirt for a certain price only to find out that the store where you purchased it went on sale the next week and saw the same shirt for a discounted price. You should have bought it during the sale!

It is the same when scouting for used motorcycles. You settle with the initial asked price only to figure that you could have haggled the price with the seller. How could you not know that!

Learning how to negotiate a price, you can confidently haggle with the seller the next time around. Now here are five clever tips that you can try when you haggle for a used motorbike price.

This may not work for all sellers, though, but it is still worth trying as you can save some money when it works.

1. Research

Before meeting a seller to buy a used bike, it is good to do some surveying around your area selling a similar bike that you plan to buy. By doing this, you can have a range of prices for the motorbike, and keep that in mind during your meet-up. It is also good to understand how upgrades and rebuilds affect the price of a used motorbike.

When you know exactly that, you can sound like an experienced buyer who can’t be duped into buying an item for an unreasonable price.

2. Counter the Bike’s Book Value With Its Street Value

Some sellers may be solely basing their used motorcycle’s price on book valuation. When this happens during your haggle, it may be hard to convince the seller to trim the price. However, if you work your way around its street value, that street value is the more practical gauge of the motorcycle’s worth, you may be able to make the seller rethink his last selling price.

To do this, you have to be a little savvy with motorcycle private property value information.

3. Offer Something Out-of-the-Box

If you have set a certain price to buy a used bike and wouldn’t want to go beyond your budget, think of something good to offer aside from money. For instance, you may have unused ear pods, extra concert tickets, or even a cycling jacket. Who knows, your seller may also offer you something in return like motorbike components, a helmet, or replacement filters.

Be resourceful, when possible, to make your negotiation and exchange a little extra sweeter.

4. Remain Friendly and Respectful

During haggling, put your best foot forward by being friendly and respectful. This is even when the seller starts to insist on his way and sounds unreasonable. Remain gentle and respectfully voice your thoughts. Doing this can give your seller the impression that he should do the same and maybe, just maybe, think that your offered price is not bad at all.

5. Learn to Say No

To be successful in haggling, it’s not always the idea of one party compromising to the other’s offer. Buyers can also ditch the scene and refuse the offer. You can always say no when you think that the price is too high for the used motorbike. Maybe you and the seller can come up with a new deal after some time.


Your hard-earned money should not be spent on owning an overpriced used motorcycle. Know your money’s worth and be wise in dealing with sellers. Being able to negotiate, you can develop good haggling skills and be good at it in your future deals.

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