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An Overview to Motorcycle Servicing - What You Need to Know

The purchase of a motorcycle is a significant financial investment for most people. As a result, getting it serviced often will help you maintain it in excellent operating order. You may save money by doing certain maintenance activities on your bike. However, it's still a good idea to have a professional mechanic examine it, just as you would with a vehicle. In addition to extending the life of your motorcycle, regular maintenance will help you get the best performance out of it!

3 Reasons Your Motorcycle Need Regular Servicing

As we dive deeper, keep in mind that routine servicing your motorcycle is necessary for several important reasons:

1. Safety

Maintenance procedures on a motorcycle are usually simple, but you can easily make costly mistakes if you are inexperienced. Without regular servicing, problems may start to occur. For instance, if your ignition coils haven't been serviced for years, they may become corroded. This could cause your bike to misfire, which is extremely dangerous to you and other road users.

2. Cost

As mentioned, allowing your bike to fall out of good working order can be extremely costly in the long run. The cost of a simple repair can quickly escalate into a much larger bill if you wait too long and there are more problems to deal with. Although the initial cost of services may be high, it is still cheaper than repairing or replacing the bike.

3. Performance

Regular servicing will help you get the best performance out of your bike. If you are experiencing problems with your motorcycle, it will probably not perform as well as it should. Without regular servicing, problems can accumulate. It is crucial to have your motorcycle regularly serviced to ensure that it is in good working order.

Regular Service Timeframe

Most experts recommend having your motorcycle serviced every two or three months. However, you may need your bike serviced more often if you ride a lot.

Common Parts That Are Usually Serviced

Many people overlook the importance of regular servicing, but the essential parts are the ones that are usually serviced the most:

1. Engine

Your bike's engine is probably the most critical part that you will need to be serviced regularly or at least checked. The frequency of regular servicing for your engine will depend upon how much you ride and how you ride. If you ride a lot and make plenty of short journeys, you must have your engine checked every three months.

If you ride less frequently and make more long journeys, you may service your engine every six months.

2. Brake Pads

You should also check your brake pads regularly. You should have your brake pads checked every three months if you are riding a lot, and make it every six months if you are doing less riding.

3. Tyres

Regularly checking the pressure of your tyres is essential. If you are riding a lot, you need to check your tyres every month. If you are riding less frequently, you should have your tyres checked every three months.

4. Cables

Cables can quickly become corroded and snap, which is why it is vital to have them checked every three months. Bike cables are often overlooked but are essential for the smooth running of your bike.

5. Suspension

Most suspension is reasonably easy to check, but you should still have them checked regularly. If you ride a lot, you should have the suspension checked every three months or six months if you are doing less riding.

6. Wiring

Most people don't think about the wiring on their bikes, but it is essential to have them checked regularly. You should have the wiring checked every three months if you ride a lot.


Regular servicing is a good investment and is essential for the longevity of your bike. You will have to spend some money on servicing, but it could end up saving you a lot more money in the long run. Similarly, always use a mechanic that you trust and who offers competitive prices.

If you need an independent motorcycle service in the UK, York Motorbikes has your needs covered. Send your bike to us today for its regular inspection and service!

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