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6 Parts of the Bike to Repair or Replace to Be MOT-Test-Ready

Whether you've been riding your motorbike for years or have just gotten one, you may need to get an MOT for it. The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a test for any motorbike between three to forty years old, and the purpose of this test is to ensure that the bike is roadworthy, meaning that it is safe to use. Also, the test is there to identify potential issues that the bike has to be fixed. The MOT certificate is also a must-have for motorbike insurance and road tax, so either way, you might need to get it.

That said, the MOT test involves checking different parts of the bike. By ensuring these parts are in good shape, you increase the likelihood that you pass:

1. The Exhaust System

This includes the silencer and the exhaust pipes. This system is checked to see if it's in good condition. If it's not, it's likely that the exhaust system will be deemed illegal and will fail the MOT test. If you need to have the exhaust repaired or replaced, have it done by professionals before the MOT test.

2. The Brakes

The primary function of the brakes is to stop the bike, and any issues with the brakes could lead to your bike not being well-developed to stop at all. The brakes are inspected closely to see if they need any adjustment or repair. Brakes that are worn out, broken or do not work are deemed illegal and hence fail the MOT test. So make sure you have them repaired or replaced before the test.

3. The Wheels

The wheels are inspected to ensure that they are well-developed, have the correct size and are in good condition. If the wheels are damaged or have any issues, have them fixed before the test.

4. The Gears

The gears include the chain, the cogs, and any other parts used to transmit the power from the engine to the back wheel of the bike. If the gears do not work, then the bike will not work. As such, gears that are broken or not properly fitted will not be allowed to pass the MOT test.

5. The Frame

The frame of the bike is checked to ensure that it doesn't have any fractures or other problems that could affect the way the bike operates. The bike will likely pass if the frame is safe to use.

6. The Lighting System

The lighting system is one of the most critical parts of a bike. Without it, the biker cannot be seen at night, which could cause an accident. The lights are checked to ensure they are working properly and are not broken. If the lights are not working at all, they will not be allowed to pass the test.


As you can see, these are some of the most important parts of the bike you need to ensure it is in good condition to pass the MOT test. In addition to looking at the parts of the motorbike, the inspector will also look at the general condition of the motorbike. This could include the condition of the tyres, paintwork and the general suitability of the bike. It's highly likely that if the bike has any issues with the general condition, it will fail the test.

It's also important to remember that there are two parts to the MOT test. One is the mechanical part, and the other is the visual part. It's likely that even if the bike passes on the mechanical part, it will fail if it doesn't pass the visual part. In such circumstances, you will have to pay for the test again and have the bike inspected and possibly repaired! So, once again, make sure all the above parts of the bike are in good shape and be sure that the bike itself is generally reliable and safe to drive on!

York Motorbikes offers motorcycle services in the UK to meet any motorbike-related needs such as repairs. Send your bike to us today and have it MOT-test-ready!

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