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Road Motorcycle Repairs: What You Need & How to Get It Done

It can be a real pain to have your motorcycle break down in the middle of the road. And just because it's a hassle doesn't mean it never happens. It's better to stay prepared for roadside issues that you need to work on right away rather than being helpless when the moment unexpectedly arrives.

With this, we’ll provide you with some tips on what you need and how to get motorcycle repairs done on the road.

What You Need for a Road Repair Kit

It's best to carry around a road repair kit that generally has everything you might need. Of course, you don't want it to be too cumbersome either. A good kit will have your basic supplies and fixes without being too heavy to store in the seat.

Your kit should have a flashlight, pliers, a small air compressor, different-sized screwdrivers, tire patches, and a wrench. On top of those tools, it's best to carry around your insurance card and a roadside assistance card, should you have those items.

What to Do if You Have Motorcycle Issues on the Road

The first thing you need to do when having issues on the road is immediately pull over to the side. Naturally, you need to look for a safe spot to stop at that won't be in the way of traffic. That said, you need to get to a stop as soon as possible so that you're not running into potentially life-threatening problems.

Once you've stopped by the roadside, you need to figure out what the issue might be. If you have any roadside assistance services, now is the time to make a call.

If you're certain you're not in a high-traffic spot, you can also start checking if you can spot the immediate issue before you take your motorbike for further professional assessment.

Assessing the Repairs You Need

So, you're checking what problems you have right now. It's best to give your motorcycle a thorough sweep to see what is causing issues, but it's best to keep your own safety and skill level in mind. Sometimes, it's best to reach out to emergency services instead.

Either way, you'll want to keep track of any parts that are missing or going to be taken out in the middle of repairs. You don't want to lose track of these essential things before getting back on the road.

Getting Professional Help

Should you have issues, you have to know how to get things done on the road, but if it's too much for you, it's best to find a professional service who can do your motorcycle repairs for you.

Contact a service online or via call and describe your situation and location in detail. From there, they can help you get sorted. After your repair, it's up to you to maintain your motorcycle so that it's less prone to breakage and issues. It's also best to follow road safety guidelines so you don't run into other problems.


The tips we listed above, combined with your own knowledge, should help you get to the right solutions for your road problems. Sure, it's frustrating when you have motorcycle issues on the go, but the right steps can get you through it.

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