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Signals From Your Motorbike That Show It Needs Servicing

There is a basic recommendation that you service your motorcycle every six months; however, this varies based on your bike. The fact that each bike is individually designed adds to its charm.

Keep this in mind if you feel like you’re maintaining your bike too regularly because different bikes are created with different goals in mind, such as longevity, efficiency, speed, or appearance.

The number of suggested servicing per year also depends on how frequently you ride and maintain your bike. Therefore, you can anticipate more frequent services if you ride every day rather than just on the weekends.

How frequently does your bike require maintenance? The owner’s manual for your particular bike is the best source, but you can also ask what your dependable mechanic suggests.

Your bike may occasionally require maintenance earlier than the manual suggests. Fortunately, there are several critical signs you’ll be able to spot that call for early servicing, regardless of whether you’re a first-time bike owner or an experienced rider.

Sadly, there are times when life gets in the way, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten to schedule your biannual service.

These factors make this advice applicable to all bike owners, regardless of their level of biking expertise. Maintenance work can occasionally occur at a bad moment, but a major issue that could have been avoided would cause you more annoyance.

The sections below show the different signs that tell you your motorbike needs servicing.

Challenging Braking

Any cyclist who saw this would be alarmed. When you discover that your bike is slow to respond when you press the brakes, it’s necessary to schedule a service because difficult braking poses a significant safety risk.

Only a brief lever pull should be required for your brake to respond smoothly and silently.

Strange Noises

For new bike owners who aren’t yet accustomed to the loudness of their bikes, this might be more challenging to notice. Any strange sounds, such as the sound of metal scraping, usually mean your brake pads need to be replaced.

Your gears may need adjustment if the sound is grinding or clicking. Engine rumbling sounds could be a sign of a problem.

Your bike may make a variety of noises, and many of its associated issues accumulate over time, so you might not notice a performance decline until after your service when you’ll be rewarded with a smoother ride.

Subpar Riding Capacity

While your bike’s engine and battery are essential for a comfortable ride, don’t overlook other components that can be affecting how you handle the bike. No matter how minor they may seem, if you discover several variances, don’t ignore them.

It’s best to send your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for maintenance because your bike can be overcompensating.

Don’t put off a service that could lead to more problems if you fail to notice any performance difficulties because you probably spent hundreds of dollars on your custom bike.

Low tyre pressure is one cause of bad riding experiences that may be readily fixed by checking and pumping the tyres regularly.

Reduced engine acceleration and odd noises coming from the chain cover or chain itself could be signs that your motorcycle’s chain is broken.

If you believe you usually have low engine oil, there may be a leak, which can result in a bike with poor performance and damage.


Performance problems are often only noticed by drivers after they have accumulated or when they are already severe. Recognizing the indicators, keeping an eye on your bike, and obtaining regular maintenance will help your bike go the additional mile and prevent a snowball of problems.

York Motorbikes provides outstanding motorbike service in the UK. We’re Triumph and Honda specialists that also offer a full range of services for all makes and models of motorcycle. Call today to receive a fast, efficient turnaround and the highest of standards.

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