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4 Tips to Becoming a Motorcycle Collector

Motorcycle collecting is not at all like collecting action figures or dollhouses. If you have some nostalgia for the smell of gasoline and the thrill of riding a bike, you may have a love for motorcycles that could turn into a collection.

But for an interesting collection to develop, you'll need to be part of the community to ensure you make the right decisions, and not waste your money on the wrong purchases. Here are some things to consider in your collector's journey, one that hopefully steers you in the right direction as an aspiring motorcycle collector:

Tip #1: Be Present in Vintage Motorcycle Meet-Ups

If you want to be part of the community, the place to be is at vintage motorcycle events. There you'll be able to check out the latest, rarest, and tastiest acquisitions that caught the collectors' eyes. In addition, you can also use the meet-ups as an opportunity to learn from veteran collectors, who at the same time can give you tips on how to get started in this hobby.

Tip #2: Identify Your Favorites, then Join Clubs of the Motorcycles You Love

Part of being a motorcycle collector is having a strong passion for the bike. Because of this, it would be a good idea to identify your favorite brands or models and join any collectors' club or association, to meet other people who share your enthusiasm. This is where you can check out the motorcycles you love, and even enjoy the company of other enthusiasts.

Tip #3: Read Magazines and Watch YouTube Channels Dedicated to All Things Motorcycles

Collectors will usually spend a lot of time researching to find out more information about the motorcycle they love. And if you want to start collecting, you will need to know as much as possible about the models and brands you are interested in.

Watch YouTube channels dedicated to motorcycles, and read motorcycle magazines (both online and offline). The more you know, the more you'll feel comfortable buying the motorcycle of your dreams.

Tip #4: Don't Go for Basket Cases

Buying a basket case is something collectors do not recommend. It is not hard to find a motorcycle in excellent condition, which is why you should resist the urge to buy a motorcycle for restoration. Besides, restoration projects will cost you a lot of money and time, and you may not even be able to finish them.

Instead, you should look for motorcycles that are already restored, or in excellent condition. You can find this kind of motorcycle by attending motorcycle meet-ups, and speaking with other collectors. This way you'll have a clearer idea of the value of the motorcycle, and be able to negotiate a better price.

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of Your Hobby as a Motorcycle Collector

As you develop your taste in motorcycles and knowledge of the industry, your collection can only get better. If you are an enthusiast of vintage motorcycles, you will have a growing collection of machines that you can use to relive the past, present, and even the future.

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