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5 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Motorbike for Transporting

Your motorbike is one of the most prized possessions that allow you to travel and express your individuality. However, you may want to sell your vehicle in the future to gain more money or upgrade your wheels.

It can be challenging to transport a motorbike yourself because it’s heavy, and you can risk damaging it. On the other hand, hiring a courier to transport the vehicle can simplify the turnover process. They’ll provide all the essential information and estimated cost and coordinate the pickup and delivery.

If you’re enlisting a motorbike service to help transport the vehicle, it’s crucial to ensure your bike is ready for the journey.

This article provides five essential tips to make your motorbike look transport-ready.

1. Deep Clean Your Motorbike

Like other significant investments, regularly cleaning your motorbike can help maintain its best performance, preserve its longevity, and improve its value. A clean bike can also be more appealing to the next rider.

Before transporting your motorbike, we always recommend inspecting it for scratches or marks. That way, you can track its condition and identify new damage that may occur during the moving time.

You can also wipe off dirt, dust, grime, and debris from your bike to protect its engine and other components during transport. Moreover, use a degreaser to eliminate stubborn stains. If these tasks seem overwhelming, you can always enlist a motorbike cleaning service to assist you.

2. Check the Tyre Pressure

Regardless of how you’ll transport your motorbike, it’s always crucial to check if your tyres have the correct pressure. This maintenance step will ensure a smoother ride and minimise the chances of a flat tire, even if someone else drives it.

Correctly inflated tyres make moving and securing the motorbike easier, especially when transporting it. It also means less effort to move the trailer, which results in fuel efficiency.

3. Remove the Fluids

Before transporting your bike, professional motorbike services require riders to drain all fluids, such as oil and petrol. Neglecting this step can cause fluid leaks that can damage the bike and the delivery company’s trailer, leaving you reliable for the costs.

On the other hand, avoid draining the fuel tank if you’re not transporting your motorbike on a trailer. Instead, check for any leakage on the vehicle before the courier begins the journey. That way, you can ensure the driver’s and motorbike’s safety.

4. Take Off Additional Fittings

Motor fittings such as panels, boxes, and other accessories help keep your vehicle’s best condition and boost engine performance. While they may look good on your bike, removing all attachments before transporting them is a sensible precaution. This step helps protect your bike, the trailer and other drivers on the road and avoid potential loss of items.

Removing the additional fittings may also help in minimising transportation costs.

5. Organise Your Necessary Paperwork

Paperwork is crucial when transporting motorbikes because it shows ownership and compliance with relevant regulations.

Once you’ve prepared your motorbike, it’s time to provide specific paperwork to transport it to a different location. These documents are especially essential for domestic or international shipments.

Prepare them before the courier arrives. Otherwise, there may be a delay in delivery and you might pay more.


Courier companies can help reduce the stress of transporting a motorbike. However, as a responsible motorbike owner, you must always ensure its best conditions. Letting a professional motorbike service maintain your vehicle can help you prepare it for transport.

If you need a professional motorbike service in the UK, we can help. York Motorbikes prides itself in offering a fast and efficient turnaround whilst upholding excellent standards. Contact us now to get a free collection quote!

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