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Vehicle Maintenance: 7 Tips to Help You Clean Your Honda

Having your own vehicle, such as a car or a motorcycle, is a sign of financial security. Consequently, it's also convenient because you can go anywhere without the hassle of commuting. For this reason, anyone who owns a vehicle goes the extra mile to protect their investment. Of course, it all starts with buying a vehicle from a reputable brand.

There are many well-known manufacturers of vehicles that produce both cars and motorcycles. One perfect example of this is Honda, a Japanese brand established in 1948. The brand prides itself in making various high-quality vehicles that meet the needs and preferences of its buyers. However, this also means that their vehicles should be well-taken care of by their owners. If not, the chances of it getting damaged will be higher.

To help you get started on Honda vehicle maintenance, here are some helpful tips:

#1 - Avoid Using Cleaning Products That Aren’t for Vehicles

One of the common mistakes made by people when washing a vehicle is that they use cleaning products that aren’t meant for cars or motorcycles. The vehicle's paintwork can be damaged, and it can also cause the exterior to become rough due to the abrasiveness of the product.

Therefore, you must carefully research the best vehicle-specific product before you wash your car. This way, you can be confident that your vehicle will be free from any dents, scratches, and other damages that may lead to costly replacements.

#2 - Never Use High-Pressure Water Sprays

Using high-pressure water sprays on a vehicle can be pretty damaging. Doing so can damage the paint and cause it to be corroded by the hard water. It can also reduce the cover's ability to protect the vehicle from rusting.

Instead, you should use a hose with a gentle flow of water. This way, you can wash and rinse away any dirt and grime accumulated on the car.

#3 - Use Cool Water to Rinse off Dirt and Dust

Instead of using too hot water to rinse off the dirt and dust, you should use cool water to rinse off the vehicle. Using cool water to rinse off the vehicle can help prevent discolouration and fading of the vehicle. It can also prevent the paint from being dissolved.

Additionally, this will reduce the chances of the exterior becoming rough, which would make it hard to maintain. If you don't want to rinse off the vehicle with a hose, a common alternative is to finish up the vehicle by washing it with a cloth.

#4 - Use a Sponge or Soft Cloth for Scrubbing

Another common mistake people make when washing their vehicles is that they use brushes that are too harsh on their cars. Using brushes on a vehicle can scratch the exterior and look bad.

It's best to use a sponge or a soft cloth to wash the vehicle gently. The recommended cloth is microfiber, and you should avoid rubbing the car's exterior very hard, as this too can damage the exterior. Otherwise, the vehicle will lose its shine and lustre, which is essential for owners who want to keep their vehicles looking good.

#5 - Use Mild Detergent and Water as a Cleaning Solution

The best way to clean your vehicle is mild detergent and water because this is non-abrasive. Using too harsh soap can be hard on the vehicle's exterior, but it can also make the exterior rough-looking. In short, you need to find a balance when cleaning your vehicle.

If you must use soap, only use a gentle product for vehicles because it's a common misconception that anything can be used on vehicles. Like the previous tips, make sure to test any soap first to prevent damaging the exterior paint.

#6 - Lubricate the Drive Chain after Cleaning

For motorcycles, it's a common mistake to forget to lubricate the drive chain. This will make the chain dry, which can cause damage and make braking harder. By lubricating the drive chain, you can reduce the chances of this from happening.

#7 - Remove Road Salt

You should also wipe off the vehicle if exposed to road salt. Salt is corrosive, so it can cause damage to the vehicle's exterior and the engine. If you don't take care of road salt, rust can quickly accumulate on the vehicle's body and cause damage.


In the end, you want to get the most out of your vehicle. When it comes to taking care of a vehicle, you should be highly diligent because it will make things easier as time passes. If you take good care of your Honda vehicle, you can be sure that it will last for a long time.

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