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Which Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Are In Demand Today?

Not everyone has the freedom and garage space to keep all their motorcycles in good condition. This is why it’s sometimes necessary to sell their current bike before getting a new one. While it’s only natural for second hand vehicles to take a while to sell, some Harley-Davidson motorcycles can be pretty easy to sell today.

Looking at Market Trends on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harleys are generally expensive in the market, mainly because it’s a premium brand. However, its steep price rewards its owners with a quality machine. Most models last up to 150,000 miles, with others going beyond this threshold with good maintenance. For this reason, many second hand Harleys are widely in demand, especially for first-time owners.

In this article, we’ll list down five in-demand Harley-Davidson motorcycles in today’s market.

1. Sportster

Over the years, Harley-Davidson has continuously released sub-models under the Sportster range. After following the K model, Sportsters were designed to cater to bikers craving for speed. It’s a go-to option for frequent participants in drag racing and hill climbing. Due to its versatility and raw power, it’s no surprise that Evel Knievel used Sportster bikes for his daring stunts.

2. Fat Bob

Even people unfamiliar with Harley-Davidsons can recognize one through the Fat Rod. Since its release in 2007, it has proven to be a special bike not just in appearance but also in its build. Containing an air-cooled v2 four-stroke engine, it’s one of the more imposing bikes in the market. While modern emission regulations prevent people from riding it in most public roads, it’s still a buy-worthy gem for many collectors.

3. Softail

The Softail has an intertwined history with the FX Super Glide, which is probably why it’s an item of interest in the market. Since it’s rumored to be a modded version of the FX Super Glide, there’s plenty of intrigue regarding its production. It features a 1340cc V2 Evolution Engine and a handy set of rear shock absorbers placed on a big twin frame. Many variants of the Softail line have been produced over the years, with each model varying in popularity.

4. Road King

First released as an evolved version of the FL series, the Road King’s release in 1994 marks a monumental shift in Harley’s production of touring bikes. Its self-explanatory name is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy since many bikers and collectors have loved the Road King till today.

5. V-Rod

The V-Rod was born out of two manufacturing geniuses as Harley teamed up with Porsche to create a unique engine for a specialized bike. It contains a liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin engine, taking its roots from the CR1000, a racing bike Harley used to sell in the late eighties. As the epitome of muscle bikes moniker, owning a V-Rod is like having a piece of biking culture itself. For this reason, a refurbished V-Rod can receive plenty of bids in the market today.


If you own any of the bikes above, then you’re sitting on a potential gold mine for quick cash. Thankfully, it’s no longer as much of a hassle to sell your bike today. You can look for niche marketplaces online dedicated to buying and selling these bikes for the best deals possible.

If you plan to sell your motorcycle, we can connect you with a vast network of buyers and sellers in the trade. Besides giving you a place to sell your secondhand vehicle, we can also oversee sales. repairs, and moving concerns with ease. Sign up with us today and we'll help you get a step closer to earning cash from your second hand Harleys!

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